The Canvas

The Canvas: Inside the world of Paint & Sketch Artistry, ShineOn Magazine showcases the diverse work of those who exhibit distinctive flair. We seek artists whose work is extraordinary and of the highest quality in style and innovation. Not only do we value the esthetics of every custom piece, we spend great time ensuring that every feature in our issue gains the attention it deserves. Our goal is to make sure each page satisfies the palate of our reader who thirsts for more than just “pretty pics”. Whether the use of canvas or a body be the backdrop. Whether the mediumof choice be charcoal, pastels, watercolors, pencil, ink or paint. No matter the decision, we are here to expose the exquisite. So take your blank slate. Choose your tool. Make your mark and let us share your stroke of creativity!

If you are an artist, we are interested in sharing the “untold story” as we highlight the mastermind behind the quintessential. There is a longing from our readers, to indulge in art that touches the soul. There is a need for artistic expression that utilizes the canvas and goes beyond. If your work reflects and embodies that of a visionary and you are confident we should be aware of your great efforts, please submit your work. We would be happy to review your selections for our magazine.

If you would like to be considered as a feature in our magazine, please follow these instructions. You can apply by simply filling out our questionnaire and explaining various aspects of your craft. We try

to respond to submissions within 72 hours. Feel free to email all other questions to  for additional

How to submit your artwork:

  1. Record a 2 min video about your art piece
  2. Answer all questions in the questionnaire
  3. Take photos of your work to prove documentation
  4. Upload your video and photos with the questionnaire
  5. Email submission to